Lockdown Life

Lockdown in the UK and across the globe has presented many people with lots of extra time. Here’s how I’ve kept myself busy throughout the lockdown period so far…

I have a 9 month old.

For all the mums and mumtrepreneurs out there, you’ll know what I’m talking about! Between changing nappies, trying to blend fresh food for your little one’s lunch and then attempting to work on that third logo concept you’ve been trying to finish for the last week… it’s no surprise the days actually fly by.

One thing’s for sure, there’s one job I like more than designing and that’s being a mum!

I have a husband that’s “all about the business.”

My husband LOVES anything “business” and is a full on red personality. For those of you who don’t know about the four quadrant personality traits, reds are direct, decisive and results-orientated. Being a blue/green I like to analyse and plan and think about what I’m doing… and maybe just spend a little time working on how pretty my To Do List looks before actually doing it. Having a business minded husband that likes to just GET THINGS DONE has its pros and cons but it keeps me on my toes and busy with all the business type stuff I should be doing (like finally starting this blog).

If you do have some free time, why not check out what personality quadrant you fall into! There’s lots of free tests available online – search, “four personality types.”

I’ve finally cleared my chair mountain.

“Your what?”

Am I the only one who has a pile of clothes that’s barely been worn so not clean enough to put back in the wardrobe, but then again, not dirty enough to put in the wash basket? Well, my pile is on my chair and it slowly turns into a mountain over time. One of my first lockdown tasks from my “red-personalitied” husband was to clear it.

So there we go, my first mini blog and a little glimpse into the world of me!